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Time to get your project funded. You need a banker, one that goes the extra mile. Works days, nights and weekends. One that understands Transparent Conservative Compliance™ for capital needed for projects including EB-5. We are real Investment Bankers. Not accountants, not consultants, we are not lawyers, we ARE investment bankers that know how to source capital: we walk the walk every day. We analyze every project for compliance, due diligence and market competitiveness. We seek bridge and other forms of equity funding. We work in the USA, and Internationally using our global connections that help market solid projects and many that have EB-5 as part of the capital stack.

Whyte & Co. provides expert, in-depth, and objective project evaluation.  All investments are risky.  Most all investments require extensive due diligence of the investment to gauge level of risk.

  • We provide our clients seeking capital and EB-5 issuer clients with real information to make go or no go decisions.
  • We analyze every project in detail to evaluate viability using compliance, competitive, and market information along with global market knowledge. We have expanded our global reach to countries where other marketers are not going, and have not thought to go yet. Being ahead of the curve to better serve our clients seeking capital.
  • We provide expert guidance on the funding process to our  clients seeking capital.
  • Our clients have a full understanding of project timeline, milestones and any marketing risks. And our investor clients understand the risks of the investment process, timing and potential for loss.
  • We have global connections that can help market your project. Our international network includes lawyers, agents and advisors  plus those in the immigration sector that review our due diligence to understand the risk of investment should your project involve the EB-5 process for USCIS applicants.

The global equity and debt market is constantly evolving, with changing demands for success, funding and getting projects completed. As an active participant in the market, Whyte & Co. can bring up-to-date information to our clients, ensuring accurate and effective strategies leading to an effective capital raise.  The benefit of detailed due diligence can help investors make the right decision on an investment.

At Whyte & Co. we become part of your team working towards getting your project funded. We provide expert advice and complete due diligence that is head and shoulders about our competition. Diligence you can trust and that investors can trust.

We measure our performance by the quantifiable results. We have clear communications with your team, daily if needed, to get results. Finally, as a true partner and member of your team throughout the  process, we provide support on the changing landscape for our projects and clients.


We go the extra mile to provide compliance and marketing support for our projects and clients.

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