Why you should use Whyte & Co. for your project?

Understanding securities rules that apply to the issuing of your security is an important step to your projects’ success.  Transparency and compliance with SEC rules for your project is an important issue.

Having the right due diligence completed and being fully compliant with securities rules and regulations is paramount to the success and marketing of your project.

Your project should have a coordinated set of due diligence files that includes all the documents prepared by your various professionals.

Your investors, either private equity or EB-5 investors, should have complete and full access to these diligence files at all times for the projects protection.

Not all professionals are licensed broker dealers in the USA.  A broker dealer ties all of these professionals together and focuses on compliance.

The reason that registered broker dealers exist in the United States is to ensure the securities being sold are properly prepared, disclose all the risks and divulge all the details of the project to the investors.

Using an experienced broker dealer that conducts detailed due diligence on your project could help prevent some of the abuses and violations that are of concern to the regulators.

For more information on this important topic please visit www.finra.org

We at Whyte & Co. will manage this process for you and help your project be not only transparent and fall within all of the regulations, but our work will help you in your successful marketing of your project.

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