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Comprehensive Support for Your Regional Center and Your Direct EB-5 Project at reasonable market rates.

Whyte & Co. is a team of seasoned professionals that has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing:

  • Conservative review of your projects plans
  • Experienced oversight
  • Knowledgeable EB-5 sector advise
  • Cost-effective help with EB-5 for compliance and marketing

EB-5 is our life, it is all we do.  We work with the most successful EB-5 companies across America both large and small that meet the requirements of the USCIS and surpass the due diligence expectations of EB-5 investors as they consider an EB-5 project.

We provide advice and mentorship to companies seeking funding. We aim to help EB-5 investors consider and invest in the right projects, ones that are compliant with securities rules, that lead to successful I-526 filings and the ultimate goal for EB-5 investors – unconditional Green Cards for family members. We understand the risks associated with an EB-5 investment. EB-5 is a risk-based investment that investors need to understand.

We assist regional center and direct clients from:

  • The very beginning of a project.
  • The middle of a project.
  • We also can do post due diligence on completed EB-5 projects

We help guide the EB-5 process and make the stress go away for the founders of the EB-5 project by completing professional and detailed compliance due diligence.  In addition, through our worldwide connections with agencies and immigration professionals, we can make the right introductions to get your project into the market and in front of potential EB-5 investors.

EB-5 Wheel of Success™

For companies seeking funding, we assist in your EB-5 project and can help with:

  • Financial projections.
  • Review or development of your business plan.
  • Marketing of your project both in the USA and worldwide.

We can help identify all of your financing requirements, including the placement of interim funding for your project. We have years of experience and a proven track record, with many closed transactions to date.  Additionally, we can help make introductions to our vast network of professionals that have expertise with EB-5.  Our fees for capital raising charges to regional center are competitive and at market rates.

EB-5 transactions should have detailed due diligence to comply with securities regulations. Our team’s expertise and depth and breadth of experience will help ensure your EB-5 project will be completed in a cost efficient and timely manner and with the highest standards and ethics.


Our Team

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Our team is headed by Robert K. Whyte.  He is a FINRA General Securities Principal (Series 24, 79, 7, and 63).  Robert is an entrepreneur’s investment banker. Having been an investment banker for more than 25 years before starting his own company, funded by EB-5. As the leader at Whyte & Co., he oversees the firm’s professionals and all work related to EB-5.

In 2002, Robert founded the Los Angeles office of Morgan Joseph & Co. as Managing Partner, specializing in SPAC’s, PIPE’s, high yield debt, institutional private equity and IPO’s. His transactions ranged in size from $50 to $300 million.

Robert was also one of the founding partners of the Home Shopping Network and in 1986, led the company as its CEO through its Initial Public Offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange and its US affiliate on the American Stock Exchange.

Robert understands the EB-5 program; he went through the immigration process himself, coming from Canada over twenty-five years ago with a “O” visa specializing in investment banking.  In addition, he is a partner in one of the few successfully approved $1 million Direct EB-5 projects in America.

Dan Head shot 2 - Copy

Daniel A. MacKenzie began his career working with leading global entertainment providers such as United Artists, Post-Newsweek and Playboy Enterprises contributing extensively in domestic and international product licensing. He worked in Holland, Spain and the Southern Mediterranean. Daniel has been seen on CBS, VH-1 and FOX. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from the California State University and was later awarded Alumnus of the Year. He completed his certification from the Program on Negotiation (PIL) at Harvard University, School of Law. Daniel is also a graduate of the Frohring School of Management, John Cabot University in Rome, Italy; completed in 1999.

Stacy Hong

Stacy Hong (CFO) is a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of accounting and corporate finance experience. She has worked as a tax accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, as a financial analyst responsible for operational costs at Nestle USA, and as a budgeting and planning operations manager at Smart and Final a food and beverage chain. She also founded and worked with various start-up companies managing the day-to-day general accounting & operation needs. She leveraged her accounting skills within a variety of industries, including consumer products, manufacturing, retail, beauty and entertainment. Stacy now oversees the financial projections and employment requirements of EB-5 Companies that are seeking international investors under the EB-5 program.

Ahmed Ramadan

Ahmed Ramadan is a proven experienced immigration specialist. He works with immigration attorneys from coast to coast plus internationally plus he fully understands both the L-1 and EB-5 programs. At the firm, he over sees the Middle East region with additional responsibility to develop South America using his international contacts. He speaks four languages fluently. He spends most of his time travelling to work with EB-5 agencies representing the projects of the firm. Ahmed also assists regional centers with marketing.


Valquiria (Val) Gomes Pidgeon is our Managing Director for Central and South America. She has an MBA and is licensed in business brokerage, real estate plus she specializes in investments for immigration purposes. Fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish with a wealth of experience in business development and customer services, helping her clients with EB-5 and immigration matters. Her activities as an immigration investments advisor include the planning and execution of immigration strategies, brokerage of businesses and investments for EB-5/E-2/L-1 visas and real estate sales. She understands the needs of the regional centers looking to South America and EB-5 investors.

BrokerCheck is a trusted tool that shows employment history, certifications, licenses, and any violations for brokers and investment advisors.

Grace Meng

Grace Meng oversees the administration operations of Whyte & Co. She works with clients and regional centers in arranging to ensure that the due diligence of the projects is properly secured and files within the guidelines are kept as required for proper review. She is a undergraduate of Hebei University of Technology, in Tianjin China. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English and helps many of the firm’s clients with translation of marketing materials. Grace is a green card holder and understands how the application proceeds with the USCIS. She has a complete understanding of the EB-5 process and can assist with investors questions on EB-5.


Amit Gupta is our Managing Director for India and is a seasoned EB-5 professional who operates at the confluence of storytelling, technology and innovation due to his history with entertainment and media projects. He has a proven track record of over eighteen years of providing techno-creative solutions for production of variety of entertainment formats including films, commercial advertising, gaming, interactive and immersive installations. Amit heads up as Managing Director the India agency representation for the firm. He has a Master of Engineering from Bangalore University, India.

Matt headshot

Matthew Khalili began his management career in early 2003 with leading business-to-business Omni-channel technology supplier and solution provider.  As Senior Marketing Director, he architectured sustainable business channels that helped position the company as both an "Internet Retail Top 500" contender and an "Inc. 500 Fast Growing Direct Sales Organizations."  Following nearly a decade of double digit growth, Mr. Khalili established a highly prestigious consultancy practice in 2012 that specializes in planning, marketing and the development of promising startups.  As the founder of The Plan Writers, he continues to develop a portfolio of success in industries ranging from mobile applications to manufacturing to fashion & retail plus EB-5.  He also serves as an expert witness in complex EB-5 immigration court cases.  University of Southern California, Master of Business Administration.

Kevin (2)

Kevin Hoang M Vo is the Managing Director for Vietnam. He is fluent in the local language and has an office in HCMC to work with EB-5 investors. He oversees a team of people in the HCMC overseas office that answer questions about the EB-5 program. He also lives in the USA and travels between the two locations. Kevin is an expert in computer systems, marketing and now EB-5. He is a graduate of the Interactive College of Technology here in America. He started his career in banking and now has graduated to investment banking for EB-5.

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