Private Placements, Bridge Loans, Equity Funding and Consulting

Our general advisory business is particularly sought after by projects seeking capital including EB-5 regional center companies that prefer the hands-on approach of senior bankers in helping them grow and find funding for their projects.  Our fees are market standard but our work is above standard.

As a trusted, independent source of knowledge and expertise, Whyte & Co. is frequently called upon to play a variety of special roles, in many cases where no immediate transaction is apparent. Our services span a wide breadth of situations. Whyte and Co. is able to provide services from examining strategic and financing alternatives to providing ongoing support and advice to family-owned businesses, mid market size comapnies and private partnerships. With increased pressure on companies to seek independent advice, Whyte & Co. is actively involved in advising special committees, shareholders and other constituents, including the members of the board.

Whyte & Co.’s Private Equity Placement business serves the needs of the firm’s clients by originating, structuring or placing equity and debt instruments with private investor groups. We focus on accessing the private capital markets on behalf of our clients in the EB-5 sector. We work in conjunction with industry bankers and advisors to address each issuer’s needs on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to placing the appropriate security with the right type of investor for each of our clients.

We maintain a large network of relationships with institutional investors, including public money managers, hedge funds, specialized PIPE funds, venture capital, private equity, mezzanine and strategic investors on a global basis. These relationships enable us to match our clients with the appropriate sources of capital.  Our fees are competitive for similar securities transactions and well within industry standards.

Our professionals are highly qualified in the capital raising process and have a long and successful track record in the private marketplace, having arranged successful private placements for companies with varied funding requirements.  Need additional funding for your capital stack… call us.


For our EB-5 clients: raising EB-5 capital takes time, money and is a long sometimes painful process. We know, we do it. However, a private equity raise can get your project started, in the ground and under construction. Yes, it might be more expensive but funds will come into the project at one closing event. You can do both funding activities, private equity and EB-5, and have them meet in the middle if needed, raising EB-5 funds and private equity while lowering the overall funding costs. 

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