Founder of the firm is Robert K Whyte who leads a team of seasoned investment bankers that all have been to the school of hard knocks.: He is a graduate of Cornell University. The investment bank Robert Whyte founded, Whyte & Co. is a global bookmark for excellence in investment banking and SEC compliance within the financial industries. He is a frequent speaker at conferences globally and within the USA. Whyte & Co. was the leader in the EB-5 sector (this program is about to resurface with new US Government regulations that will require additional and deeper compliance) for due diligence and EB-5 compliance.

His book, “Secret Government Approved Funding” is a best seller as it describes the EB-5 sector for American businesses looking for capital. Robert also oversees the operations of Good Time Beverages LLC, a contract packing company for spirits and wines, that was also EB-5 funded.

Two years ago, he got an idea for a new product and founded DoggieWater, an electrolyte and vitamin sports drink for dogs. Marketing and sales through an E-commerce platform, and retailers.

Robert is the CEO of three operating profitable companies. He has been an investment banker for over 25 years in both New York and then Los Angeles. He temporarily left the practice of investment banking to start the adult beverage company using patents he secured for packaging, the FlexPouch. This led to the Bob & Stacy’s brands and the now contract packing operations. The factory now produces brands for a multitude of spirits providers and ships products worldwide. He returned to investment banking to work exclusively with capital raising projects in 2010 after realizing the need for strict compliance within private placements. He is a stickler for regulations. Currently Robert has become an expert on Opportunity Zone investments a new federal program for the deployment of Capital Gains Tax payments into operating businesses to receive a tax credit against taxes owed.

In 2002, Robert founded the Los Angeles office of Morgan Joseph & Co. as Managing Partner and compliance officer, specialized in SPAC's, PIPE's, high yield debt, institutional private equity or IPO's.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Robert was a partner in the Media and Broadcast Group of RBC Daniels and Associates based in New York City. Historically, Mr. Whyte was one of the founding partners of Home Shopping Network and in 1986, led the company as its CEO through its Initial Public Offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the US Company on the American Stock Exchange.

Historically, Mr. Whyte is the youngest licensee of a radio broadcasting license in Canada for a station he founded in Calgary, Alberta, that he subsequently sold to a publicly held company after making the station the most listened to and number one station in that market. Originally from Canada, now an American citizen.

Robert holds FINRA/SEC licenses Series 7, 79, 63 and General Principals Series 24. He is a multi-engine IFR pilot and enjoys travel to discuss the benefits of the great outdoors, fly fishing and camping away from the bustle of city life.

Whyte and Co. is made up of a number of seasoned investment bankers that all work independently and share ideas and opportunities together.